The worlds first Gluten-Soy-GMO Free Carbon Neutral website

Yes OK, I went for the attention seeking headline to draw you in to the topic of labels. Labels are everywhere – and sometimes not where you expect them.
I showed a mate, Josh, the CO2 Neutral website label on my site and his immediate response was “I didn’t know my website was harming the environment?”
When people visit our websites, they consume electricity – and that causes carbon emissions (CO2)There are also carbon emissions from the servers hosting our website.  
Together with more than 2.500 companies globally, we have chosen to go carbon neutral online with our website:
If you click on the icon, you will see our certificate:
The result is CO2-free surfing for our users, which is good for the environment.
The voluntary initiative is organised by They have mapped the emissions and made a CO2neutralisation program.
So now, our websites are labelled as carbon neutral. Not yet labelled Gluten-Soy-GMO Free 🙂 

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